Surgical Registrar Training Program

Surgical Registrar Pre-Requisites

Candidates must have completed a minimum of five years of College accredited surgical training and are required to be surgically competent prior to entry to the College Surgical Registrar Training Program. Candidates must be registered with the Medical Board of Australia.

The Surgical Program

The ACCS registrar training program provides two years of advanced training in cosmetic surgery. It has a number of consistent parts:

  • (i) 24 months – Australian rotation
  • (ii) The production of a clinical research paper or review article for publication
  • (iii) College academic syllabus
  • (iv) College Fellowship examinations: written and oral components
  • (v) Surgical log book
  • (vi) Registrar evaluation reports

Australian Rotation

The Australian component comprises rotations based in NSW, VIC, SA and QLD.

Rotations consists of a minimum of 3 months duration and involves attachment to at least four cosmetic surgeons who are responsible for the registrar's clinical training.

Registrars are required to complete a minimum of:

  • (i) 25 hours clinical attendance each week (eg. operating sessions, pre-op and post-op clinics) which are registered in their clinical log book (minimum 1100 hours per year).
  • (ii) 10 hours of academic time (the time estimated to complete the academic syllabus).
  • (iii) Attendance at a minimum of 6 major procedures per week (minimum of 250 per year) recorded in their surgical log book.

Registrars are also responsible for running the Journal Club which is part of the College CME program.


Written and Viva Voce as determined by the College from time to time.
All references to "College" indicate the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery


Two Year Surgical Registrar Training - $40,000 including GST, payable before commencement of training.

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Surgical Registrar Training Program