Certificate of Cosmetic Nursing

Certificate of Cosmetic Nursing

An educational initiative of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery designed for nurses working in the cosmetic nursing industry to enhance their skills specifically for cosmetic nursing.

The aim of this theory based course is to develop and refine awareness of the particular requirements of cosmetic surgery and medicine as it relates to nursing. The course should enable a nurse to practice in the area of cosmetic nursing with more understanding and appreciation of the requirements. It should also give nurses the requisite knowledge and understanding to counsel potential patients and impart a proper understanding of procedures and realistic expectations of outcomes.

A nursing background of at least five years as a registered nurse is a prerequisite and eight years as an enrolled nurse. A letter of recommendation from a doctor working in the field of cosmetic medicine or cosmetic surgery will be considered highly in assessing the suitability of candidates.

Positions are limited and will be awarded on the merits of the applicants. Application forms should be accompanied a full CV with recent work history and educational activities relevant to the application.

This certificate does not determine expertise as a clinician or counselor but recognizes the satisfactory completion of the designated curriculum.

Course Requirements

This program comprises the following;

  • Completion of 4 x set assignments
  • Completion of online laser safety training
  • Completion of online training module
  • Attendance at accredited conferences and meetings
  • Private study
  • Maintenance of Log Books of practice activity
  • Participation in an approved body of research
  • Examinations

The course requirements can be achieved over two years. Any extension of time will only be granted in exceptional circumstances as approved by the ACCS Council.


Accredited conferences for this course are as follows;

  • Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery Annual meeting (Cosmetex)
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Annual Meeting
  • International Master Course on Ageing Skin Annual Meeting
  • International Society of Laser Cosmetic Surgery Annual Meeting
  • Others by application and approval

Attendance at one of these meetings each year of the program is compulsory.

Log Books

Log books must be kept of all procedures showing;

  • Date of procedure
  • Nature of procedure
  • Place of procedure
  • Complications
  • Outcome

Research / Presentation

One piece of research as approved by the College. The research must be substantially the work of the candidate although the ultimate work may be a collaboration.


Candidates who successfully complete all other elements will be invited to sit the final examination. The examination will consist of a Written MCQ type examination, site visit and further examination may be required as determined by ACCS Council.

Successful completion of all elements will result in the awarding of the Certificate of Cosmetic Nursing. 

As a member of the ACCS you agree to observe the College Constitution and By-Laws as amended from time to time.

Award of the Certificate of Cosmetic Nursing does not signify membership of the College. This program does not determine expertise as a clinician or counsellor but recognizes the satisfactory completion of the designated curriculum.


$4,400 including GST (this cost does not include attendance to accredited conferences).

Included Benefits of the Certificate of Cosmetic Nursing

Tangible financial benefits include;

  • Nurse Affiliate Membership for 2 years included in cost.  ($220.00pa thereafter)
  • Online training modules
  • Exam fees

Application Form

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