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Authorities in France have found that PIP silicone-gel implants were manufactured with a type of silicone gel that was not approved for use. These implants have been used in Australia.

The ACCS has been asked by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Commonwealth’s Chief Medical Officer to contribute to two expert advisory panels to provide further information and to assist in the assessment of the risk that PIP implants may pose to Australian recipients.

Testing conducted by the TGA to date on both new and surgically removed (explanted) PIP breast implants has shown them not to be toxic.

The current advice from the TGA is that there is no need to recommend routine removal or replacement of un-ruptured PIP implants.

Additional advice from the TGA can be viewed here:

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There have a number of media reports about the PIP implants which have not provided women with accurate and balanced information.

The College has produced a series of short videos to provide PIP Breast implant patients with factual information they require to assist them to make informed decisions with the advice of their doctor.

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