Cosmetic Procedures

Laser Resurfacing

Removal of superficial layers of skin with a laser causing the skin to heal smoother and either removing or incorporating skin defects or lesions.
Depends on size of area to be treated - a few seconds for individual skin lesions to an hour.
Local anaesthetic cream or injection, possibly with sedation or general anaesthetic.
Side Effects
Temporary skin darkening. Permanent skin lightening/loss of natural skin pigment. Scarring.
Weeping from open wound surface for 2 days. Swelling mostly subsides in first week or two but may persist minimally for manyweeks. Redness maximal in first 2 weeks, but may persist for several weeks.
Facial movements will form wrinkles again over time.

Doctors performing this procedure: Laser Resurfacing in Australia

Doctors performing this procedure: Laser Resurfacing outside of Australia