Cosmetic Procedures

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

A solution is applied to the skin which is preferentially taken up by sundamaged or inflamed cells and makes them more sensitive to light. Laser, IPL or other constant light sources may be used to activate the solution and destroy these abnormal cells. May be used for superficial non-melanoma skin cancers, pre-cancers and acne.
The solution is applied for between 1 hour and overnight. Light is applied for up to 20 minutes.
Usually cold air.
Side Effects
Sensitivity to light, especially in first 2 days after treatment. Exaggerated swelling and redness in some cases. Incomplete clearance of sun damage may require further treatment.
Redness, swelling and crustiness for up to a week for the face, longer for the body - degree depends on the amount of damage to be treated.
Skin checks for skin cancers should still be routine. Effects on acne are very variable.

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