Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine

Application – entry criteria

Candidates are selected as a result of an application process. Candidates must be registered as medical practitioners in their country of residence and undergraduate qualifications must be deemed appropriate by ACCS. Candidates must have a minimum of three years experience as a medical practitioner post graduation.

Course Requirements

This programme comprises compulsory workshops, attendance at accredited conferences and meetings, ongoing mentorship, private study, completion of set exercises, maintenance of log books of practice activity and participation in an approved body of research. The research project must be submitted to ACCS for acceptance prior to commencement and approval of ACCS must be obtained. The course requirements can be achieved over two years. Any extension of time will only be granted in exceptional circumstances as approved by the ACCS Council.


Each participant must accumulate 50 points of attendance at the rate of one point per hour. Attendance points will apply only to scheduled workshops as detailed by ACCS or other conferences by approval of ACCS. Validation of effective participation in these meetings will be required.

Course Work

Throughout the course exercises or assignments will be set requiring completion in a specified time frame. Successful completion of six such exercises will be required to complete this element.


Accredited conferences for this course are;

  • Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery Annual meeting
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Annual Meeting
  • International Master Course on Ageing Skin Annual Meeting
  • International Society of Laser Cosmetic Surgery Annual Meeting
  • Others by application and approval

One of the above must be attended during the course of the Diploma in addition to the attendance points as detailed above.


Each candidate will be assigned a mentor for the duration of the course who will be available to provide assistance and advice as required.

Log Books

Log books must be kept of all procedures showing;

  • Date of procedure
  • Nature of procedure
  • Place of procedure
  • Role - Primary physician/ assistant/observer
  • Complications
  • Result

Research / Presentation

One piece of research accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal must be produced. The research must be substantially the work of the candidate although the ultimate work may be collaboration. A literature review of an approved topic may be accepted.


Candidates who successfully complete all other elements will be invited to sit the final examination. The examination will consist of a Written MCQ type examination, practical examination and a viva voce examination. Successful completion of all elements will result in the awarding of the Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine.


Maintenance of the Diploma will require adherence to and completion of the College CME and Recertification Programme and observance of College Constitution and By-Laws as amended from time to time, and maintenance of at least Affiliates status with the College. Diplomats will agree to be bound by the ACCS Constitution and By Laws.

Application Form