Australsian College of Cosmetic Surgery Council Members

Executive of Council

  • President Dr Ron Bezic FACCS
  • Vice President Dr Irene Kushelew FFMACCS
  • Secretary Dr Meaghan Heckenberg FFMACCS
  • TreasurerDr Soo-Keat Lim FFMACCS
  • Censor in Chief Mr Patrick Tansley FACCS


  • A/Prof Colin Moore FACCS
  • Dr Ronald Feiner FFMACCS
  • Dr Daniel Fleming FACCS
  • Dr Anoop Rastogi FACCS
  • Dr Peter Kim FACCS
  • Dr KeeLee Tan FFMACCS

  • Surgical Dean Dr Darryl Hodgkinson FACCS
  • Medical Dean Dr Ronald Feiner FFMACCS
  • General Manager Jenny Vallance